Use Outlook as helpdesk

and save time when answering e-mails by using text modules

Save 5 minutes on each customer e-mail

The Outlook plug-in "ReplyButler" helps you with your support- / helpdesk work. With its text modules you can answer each e-mail much faster. The saves time and your customers will be happy to receive a perfectly written answer.

ReplyButler is the better helpdesk
The program is easy to use because it's integrated into Outlook. You don't need to learn a new user interface. And it has features for text modules that are superior to many other helpdesk solutions:

  • Multi-lingual text modules: The right language will automatically be used
  • Adaptive: ReplyButler automatically suggests matching text modules
  • Structured: Organize your texts in folder trees and libraries
  • Multi-user: Use your text modules in a team
  • Colorful: Find your boilerplates faster with icons

Great additional features:
Which other helpdesk program has such convenience features:
  • Automatic addressing with the name, thanks to intelligent algorithms
  • Automatic reminder for forgotten attachments
  • Automatic moving of answered e-mails
  • Automatic correction of subjects like "Re: AW: Re: AW: ..."

Interested? Try it now!